Westwood College - A Chicago Information Systems Security School

The information technology industry is comprised of numerous sub-focuses; of these many subsections, information systems security is growing at the greatest speed. All businesses across all industries are investing heavily in security measures, ensuring that students graduating for Westwood's Chicago information systems security school will have a higher-than-average chance of landing a post-graduate position.

The industries that are most concerned with security issues and, therefore, have the strongest need for graduates of Westwood College in Chicago include financial organizations, insurance companies, internet technology consultants, manufacturers and those businesses that rely heavily on internet sales transactions.

One reason for the increased desirability of qualified information systems security school professionals is the newfound understanding that information security requires an entirely different skill set than information technology. At Westwood's Chicago information systems security school, students will learn the technical skills to shape and maintain the information technology infrastructure, as well as knowledge of all relevant business processes.

All of Westwood’s Chicago programs offer a mix of career-focused and general-education courses. Information systems security students study UNIX operating systems, HTML introductions, LAN security, and internet security as well as public speaking, film and literature and career management, creating a well-rounded professional prepared for any challenge at work and in society at large.

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