Westwood College Teaches Success Tips to Students

Over 60 students at Westwood College in Calumet, IL attended a presentation held by Dwain Celistan. He talked to the students about achieving success while in school and establishing a framework for success outside of school.

Dwain's presentation was based largely on his recently published book entitled, "College Students 6 Steps to Achieve Your Dreams." The book can be found on Amazon.com or CareerAccelerationCoach.com. Dave led an interactive discussion, in which the 6 steps were shared and developed with the students. Each step is focused on behaviors every determined individual can control. The idea is that dreams and goals are not something left up to macro issues or the environment. Throughout his presentation, examples were provided to illustrate how the process works.

Sherry Kostoff, the Director of Student Services coordinated the presentation. She believed this type of presentation would reinforce the messages that Westwood College tries to instill in its students. She believes the presentation was a success, and she has suggested that similar presentations should be held at the other Westwood College locations.