Westwood Honors Teachers through the Excellence in Education Awards

Westwood College has announced the winners of its 2009 President’s Award and National Faculty award. These awards are aimed at recognizing faculty members’ dedication to excellence in the field of education.

Betsey Stadelmann is the recipient of the Westwood’s 2009 prestigious President’s Award. She is currently a faculty member in the general education program at Westwood’s Houston South campus. The President’s Award recognizes the faculty member who stands out through his or her contribution in teaching, community service and recruitment. Whether utilizing visual, auditory, or kinesthetic teaching tools, Stadelmann’s "students-first" teaching style is aimed at encompassing all types of learners. She uses this teaching style in classes ranging from government to career development. Stadelmann is also active in the community, and even spent three consecutive weeks helping out Hurricane Ike victims in Galveston.

"Betsey’s hands-on approach to teaching exemplifies what Westwood is all about," said Dean Gouin, president of Westwood College. "Whether she is working with our student service department to ensure struggling students are able to continue their education or as an ambassador with many local community organizations, we are honored that Betsey calls Westwood College home."

The 2009 National Faculty Award was given to Mohamad Khatilbloo, a faculty member for the School of Justice at Westwood’s LA campus. This award recognizes the instructor who encourages cooperation and communication amongst students and who assists students outside of the classroom. The award also recognizes teacher whose style best aims at launching students’ careers. Khatibloo enriches his students’ experience by bringing world-class guest lecturers to the campus, including "real criminal justice world" speakers from FBI counter-terrorism teams to U.S. justice appointees. Khatilbloo has also been instrumental in securing valuable scholarship funding for Westwood College students.

"Mohamad’s student-centered teaching style results in consistently high ratings from students on the Faculty Course Evaluations," remarked Gouin. "We appreciate the value he brings not only to students, but to the campus, the entire institution and the community."