Chicago Programs

Westwood College offers a number of degrees at campuses in Chicago. Programs are grouped into four schools: School of Business, School of Design, School of Technology and School of Criminal Justice.

Westwood's Chicago programs are designed to provide students with a well-rounded, career-focused education. Students pursing their bachelor's or associate's degree in Chicago take specific courses within their chosen program. These courses are taught by reputable industry professionals, well-versed in the topics and strategies essential for post-graduate career success. Westwood's Chicago programs also offer numerous general education courses covering such topics as writing composition, public speaking, American government, human relations, career management and tons more. After earning a degree from one of Westwood's Chicago programs, students will be prepared to enter the professional world, confident in their wealth of industry knowledge and ability to handle any challenge that may arise.

In addition, Westwood's Chicago programs provide hands-on laboratory experience, allowing students to boast real-world familiarity with the required tools and equipment. Furthermore, several Chicago programs even permit the completion of on-site field work or professional externships, supplementing a comprehensive education with career-orientated participation.

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