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Chicago Game Design School

By today's sophisticated standards, creating a single game takes a team of knowledgeable and talented specialists; therefore, game art and design professionals of varying abilities are in high demand, with annual salaries ranging from $55,000 to $300,000. Imagine making a six-figure salary while waxing creative and wearing jeans to work! Clever individuals with practical artistic and computer skills will excel in any Chicago game design school.

But game design isn't just about playing video games all day long. Although game designers will be required to play test their creations, a great deal of work and effort must be completed before the fun can begin. Students must enter the Chicago game design school equipped with an analytical mind. This investigative thought process will help Chicago game design school students to overcome the technical, production, ethical and political constraints found in the game design industry. Students must also understand the nature of human behavior to adequately adapt characters for realistic psychological profiling. Most importantly, students must have an inherent capability to entertain; a skill that cannot be dispensed by any Chicago game design school.

What a Chicago game design school can provide is hands-on, real-world experience through courses in image editing, cinematography, game analysis and playability, three-dimensional modeling, character development and more. Westwood's Chicago game design school also requires students to take general education courses to round out their academic experience. Through these general education courses, Chicago game design school students will gain a basic understanding of public speaking, writing composition, creative thinking, American government and tons of other necessary subjects.

The blend of degree-specific and general education classes ensure that students at Westwood's Chicago game design school will walk away with confidence, knowing they are equipped with all the knowledge and skills needed to secure a position in the game art and design industry. Potential careers for students that have graduated from art schools in Chicago include three-dimensional/character modeler, environment modeler, animator, concept-storyboard artist, two-dimensional artist and many more.

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