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Illinois Campuses

As the launching point for Louis and Clark's journey west, Illinois plays a pivotal part in American history. Illinois is the exemplar of American development and expansion, a historical landmark where knowledge and cultural traditions were exchanged for the very first time.

Housing over 130 spectacular state parks and wildlife areas, Illinois is also an ideal place for outdoor entertainment. Whether you enjoy fishing, kayaking, bird watching or rock-climbing, Illinois will accommodate your taste for exploration and adventure. Eagle watchers can take advantage of numerous observation programs and festivals hosted during the height of the viewing season. You'll marvel at the sight of majestic and rare bald eagle species as they interact in their natural habitat. Besides Alaska, Illinois has more wintering bald eagles than any other state in the country.

Sports fans can satisfy their craving for action by attending both major and minor league events in venues throughout the state. Illinois is home to such renowned teams as the White Sox, Cubs, Bears and Bulls.

Those in pursuit of entertainment in the Arts can visit some of the most acclaimed theaters on the continent. Illinois' art venues host dramatic, comedic, musical and improvisational performances, as well as Broadway smash hits featuring talented, big-name actors.

The 50 wineries in Illinois make their own unique contribution to Illinois' abundant entertainment scene. Most of the wineries in Illinois are family run. Vintners frequently utilize locally grown grapes, resulting in zinfandels and chardonnays of unmatchable, award-winning quality and taste. Many wineries extend a welcoming deck to their patrons-you're able to relax and savor the fruit of their labors. Some vineyards even hold annual events, including live musical performances and fun activities.

Illinois is a splendid starting place for road trips. Its seven National Scenic Byways along Historic Route 66 pave before you miles of captivating landscape and a plethora of entertainment, dining and lodging facilities; you'll gain fascinating insight into the origins and history of our country.

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