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Chicago Animation Schools

Some of the most memorable TV, film and pop culture characters of all time aren't even real people. They're animated figments of someone's imagination. With a degree from one of Westwood's Chicago animation schools, they could spring from your imagination!

Chicago animation schools require that students communicate their ideas, thoughts and feelings through hand-sketched or computer-designed illustrations. These images are used for books, magazines and other publications, or for commercial products, such as textiles, wrapping paper, stationary, greeting cards and calendars. Students graduating from Chicago animation schools can enter many exciting fields-motion pictures, video industries, television, advertising, computer systems design-most commonly within the entertainment industry.

Chicago animation school students will become well-versed in several concepts essential to securing a position in the industry: human motion, physics and psychology; life drawing and rendering; special effects; three-dimensional animation; and audio and video production techniques. In addition, Westwood's Chicago animation schools require that students take general education courses, providing a comprehensive and well-rounded education. General education courses at Westwood's Chicago animation schools cover topics such as writing composition, public speaking, human relations, film and literature, American government and more.

Storyboards are an essential part of Chicago animation schools' curriculum. Working from storyboards, directors and producers are able to place or guide actors, design sets and complete other production-related duties. After receiving a degree from Westwood's Chicago animation schools, students will be prepared to handle all tasks associated with animation careers, including

Animation is a highly competitive field, yet the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that it will offer more career opportunities than any other artistic profession through 2014. The increase in job placement for Chicago animation school grads is due in part to the demand for more realistic video games, movie and television special effects and three-dimensionally animated movies. Additionally, Westwood Chicago animation school alumni will be in high demand due to the increase in web development and computer graphics used for mobile technology. Course topics in life drawing, game design process, special effects and many more can illustrate the perfect career path for you!

Students graduating from one of Westwood's animation schools will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to land a job as an assistant animator, multimedia designer, multimedia artist, graphic designer, graphic artist and many more exciting and fun positions. Start illustrating the perfect career path with a degree from Westwood's Chicago animation schools!

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