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Chicago Interior Design Schools

Whether it's a private residence, corporate office, retail store or restaurant, Chicago interior design school alumni use their creativity and knowledge of color principles, architecture and design to make the space functional and attractive. Most people don't realize the complex combination of skills and activities involved in an interior design career. Westwood's Chicago interior design school teaches basic principles in fine arts, architectural drafting, model making, mathematics, science and general problem solving skills. You'll never be bored-there are always new projects to tackle. By tapping into a boundless imagination to bring creative visions to life, you'll achieve the satisfaction of providing a much-needed and desired service.

Of course, success at an interior design school in Chicago requires a number of ingrained qualities. Students at Chicago interior design schools must have excellent communication skills, a keen eye for detail, superior analytical skills and intense perseverance. Graduates from interior design schools in Chicago may be asked to perform a number of responsibilities:

These career requirements call for a thorough knowledge of design principles, safety codes and human relations. Westwood's interior design school in Chicago will explain the seven elements of design-form, mass, shape, line, color, texture and pattern-and how these elements can be applied to interior spaces. Westwood's Chicago interior design schools will also help students to hone preexisting communication skills. Face-to-face meetings with clients and colleagues are extremely important in the interior design industry; therefore, interior designers must be able to communication effectively and efficiently. Clients' needs and desires must be fulfilled; yet, guidance and suggestions are often necessary. Therefore, alumni of interior design schools in Chicago must maintain a healthy balance of accommodation and forcefulness.

Students of Westwood's interior design schools will gain an understanding of this balance through industry-specific and general education courses. Courses that particularly pertain to the interior design industry include Basic Drafting, Residential Construction Technology, Design Graphics, Space Planning, Lighting and many more. General education courses at Westwood's Chicago interior design schools cover several topics: writing composition, creative and critical thinking, career management, public speaking, psychology and lots more.

Earning a degree from an interior design school in Chicago presents a number of exciting opportunities. You'll have the chance to be a "people person"-mingling with clients and striking up mutually beneficial deals with industry contacts and suppliers. Due to increased homeowner wealth and the rise in popularity of home improvement television programs, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is predicting the demand for interior designers to grow 21.7% by 2014. Don't wait-start designing your perfect career today at Westwood's Chicago interior designs schools!

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