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Chicago Business College

Think of all the time people spend on the Internet each day, checking email, shopping for gifts, researching for school, downloading music and more. Now imagine how many people are behind the scenes, thinking of ideas to ensure all those websites are functioning optimally. You can be one of those people with an e-business degree from Westwood's Chicago business college.

Westwood's Chicago business college e-business program emphasizes the technology skills necessary to create, maintain and manage web-based or web-enhanced businesses. Students that are considering attending Westwood's Chicago business college should come equipped with natural communication, teamwork and problem solving skills. Westwood's Chicago business college will take care of the rest!

Through comprehensive technology and business courses, Chicago business college students will understand the critical aspects of e-commerce and web design. These hands-on, career-focused courses are taught by industry professionals with years of experience and vast contact lists. Instructors at the Chicago business college will reveal the most effective ways to integrate technology, business and employability concepts to maximize online business.

Students that graduate from Westwood's Chicago business college will be more than prepared to snatch up a position as a network administrator, web administrator or internet marketing manager. In these positions, Chicago business college alumni will be required to perform several duties: maintain technical infrastructures that support e-business; design appropriate interfaces between technical infrastructure and customers; explain privacy, security and ethical issues to others in a thorough and patient fashion; and manage supply chain and order fulfillment processing.

Degree-specific courses taught at Westwood's Chicago business college include Designing Graphics for the Web, Intro to Business, UNIX Operating Systems and tons more. Aside from these degree-specific courses, students will be required to take classes with a general education focus. These classes will provide a well-rounded business professional, prepared for any issue that may arise. General education courses cover topics such as writing composition, public speaking, human relations, film and literature, psychology and many more exciting and enlightening subjects.

Discover how an education from Westwood's Chicago business college can help you secure a challenging and rewarding e-business jobČ-the job of your dreams!

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