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Chicago CAD Training

You have an exceptional eye for detail, a creative flair with physical spaces and a tight grasp on technical ideas-where can you build upon these valuable skills? A college in Illinois with AutoCAD programs! Illinois AutoCAD degree programs groom students for the challenging and rewarding world of drafting, design and architecture. Westwood College's Chicago CAD training involves the use of three-dimensional models and two-dimensional drawings to draft numerous types of buildings.

Every new building you see-stadiums, arenas, office buildings, malls, houses and restaurants-exist because of CAD technicians. Students enrolled in a Chicago CAD training program will learn to design recreational, commercial and residential spaces through instruction in the widely-used AutoCAD design system. Illinois AutoCAD training helps to cut production-related costs within the architectural industry. Developing layouts on a computer screen then making simple edits saves a good deal of time and money that was once spent physically drawing plans by hand.

In preparation for a number of demanding positions in the CAD industry, students will learn the necessary technical and practical skills-engineering basics, business know-how, legal knowledge, management skills and more. The labs utilized by CAD classes in Chicago are equipped with the most recent versions of AutoCAD to best prepare students for use in post-graduate careers. Instruction and lectures in basic principles are augmented by hands-on computer lab training, creating fast-paced, career-oriented and comprehensive Chicago CAD training programs. Each Illinois AutoCAD student will be provided with a workstation that includes a drafting table, drafting chair and personal computer equipped with the latest AutoCAD equipment.

Students enrolled in Illinois AutoCAD programs will also take general courses, covering public speaking, economics, psychology, creative and critical thinking, film and literature and many more topics. These practical courses help to create well-rounded professionals prepared for any issue that may arise. These general education courses will help students communicate effectively with clients and colleagues, deal with problems in a level-headed fashion and compose compelling reports and business proposals. Individuals that complete Westwood's Chicago CAD training will be well on their way to a challenging and rewarding career in the architecture industry.

Currently, knowledgeable and skilled CAD professionals are in high demand and the need is not expected to decrease any times some. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer-aided design is a blossoming industry with an estimated 4.2 percent growth projected by 2012. Students that have successfully completed a Chicago CAD training program can land a number of positions: CAD operator, architectural CAD technician, architectural drafter and many more. Graduates will have the change to work outside, apply creative design theory to computer-aided renderings and create several public and private buildings. Imagine strolling through a mall or gazing upward at a skyscraper knowing you helped make that building possible! Let your creative ideas come to life with a thorough education from an Illinois AutoCAD school!

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