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Chicago Visual Communications School

Would you like to work on television or print advertisements? How about magazine print production? Maybe you'd like to design the look and feel of new consumer products? Follow your vision; enroll in Westwood's Chicago visual communications school. Attending a Chicago visual communications school will put you in the center of the art and design industry. Combining an impressive imagination and artistic talent, students graduating from Chicago visual art schools can land a number of rewarding and fun careers: graphic designer, web page designer, commercial and industrial designer and many more.

Chicago visual communications schools must teach a broad range of subjects to account for the broad range of potential careers associated with this degree. For students interested in graphic design professions, the ultimate goal of Chicago visual communications schools is to teach students the most effective ways to visually transmit messages to audiences. No matter the medium-magazines, newspapers, television, web pages-graphic designers must understand proper use of color, type, illustration, photographs, animation and various print and layout techniques. For those considering entering the field of commercial or industrial design, Chicago visual communications schools must provide a varied academic experience, touching on art, business and engineering practices and their contribution to product design.

Students attending Westwood's Chicago visual communications school take both degree-specific and general education courses. The classes teaching basic visual communications concepts cover several topics: digital illustration, digital layout, color theory and many more. General education courses will help students attending the Chicago visual communications school become well-rounded professionals. These general education courses include Creative & Critical thinking, College Writing I and II, Economics, Film & Literature, American Government and several more exciting and informative courses. After graduation, Westwood's Chicago visual communications school students will be more than prepared to land any number of jobs in this rewarding and challenging industry. Your imagination's the only limit when it comes to visual communications!

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