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Calumet City, Illinois Information

Illinois college students who take up residence in Calumet City will discover that it is a city that has a rich history. Calumet City's first inhabitants—a group of nomads who migrated from Asia—appeared in the late 1890's. Now, Calumet City has a population of approximately 40,000. It covers 7.3 square miles of territory and has an elevation of 589 feet. The median resident age in Calumet City is 33.7. In the year 2000, the median house value in Calumet City was $90,300 and the median household income was $38,902. The cultural heritage of Calumet City’s residents includes English, Sub-Saharan African, German, Italian, Irish, and Polish. There are about 2,700 more females in Calumet City than there are males.

Cook County is home to a formidable Forest Preserve District with more than 100 miles of bicycle paths, 200 miles of multipurpose trails, 200 picnic groves, 10 golf courses and 4 driving ranges, and 5 toboggan slides. Illinois college students who like to roller blade have over 100 miles of paved bicycle paths to choose from in the Forest Preserve. The Forest Preserve District also includes a multitude of fishing and boating sites for students of the River Oaks campus to enjoy.

Many Illinois college students take up cross-country skiing, since the Forest Preserve District of Cook County makes an ideal environment. For those who are new to the sport, Camp Sagawau offers lessons, tours, and equipment rentals.

The Forest Preserve’s picnic groves are the ideal location in which to unwind or get together with friends and family for a joyous summer outing against the backdrop of seemingly endless greenery. Picnic groves are scattered all over Cook County, so Illinois college students have their selection of convenient locations.