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Chicago, Illinois Information

Chicago has everything to offer to the Illinois college student. Chicago, Illinois has a reputation for being the cultural and financial Mecca of Middle America. Students who attend Chicago Illinois colleges will soon discover why the city is renowned for its fascinating display of modern architecture, including houses designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and the 110-story Sears Tower, which stands out against hundreds of miles of surrounding prairie. The Chicago Loop, or the downtown area of Chicago, is home to the corporate headquarters of several major American companies, as well as many of the U.S.’s most crucial commodity markets. In combination, these corporations and markets manage the buying and selling of over 33% of commercial and agricultural products worldwide.

To a student attending an Illinois college, the city provides a ton of great entertainment options. Just a handful of the choices available includes tons of museums, restaurants, and live music, baseball at Wrigley field, or a boat cruise on the Chicago River.

Chicago is the third most highly populated city in the country, after New York and Los Angeles. If Chicago lacks anything the other two cities have, it’s the difficulty in catering to a large population. The design of Chicago’s infrastructure is conducive to accommodating all which makes living in Chicago convenient for students attending Chicago Illinois colleges.