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Interesting Facts about O’Hare International Airport

One Westwood college in Chicago is located very close to the O’Hare International airport, which is positioned only 17 miles northwest of the downtown Chicago area. O'Hare International Airport was rated the best airport in the United States seven times in a row. It provides a greater number of connections to a greater number of locations, and more frequent intervals than any airport the world over. Over 190,000 travelers pass through O’Hare International airport in a single day. The airport employs 450,000 and has racked up $38 billion in annual economic activity for Chicago and Illinois’s economy.

As if the airport’s current facilities weren’t impressive enough, O’Hare International Airport is even undergoing a $6.6 billion modernization program which will make the airport’s overlapping runways parallel, thereby significantly decreasing the number of delays due to weather conditions, and improving the airfield’s capacity. The modernization program will also create 195,000 new jobs, and is expected to generate an additional $18 billion annually. Customers will benefit with reduced airfares as will students attending Westwood College in Chicago.

O’Hare Airport is easy to access by local mass transit, including bus, train, and shuttle lines. You can conveniently avoid getting stuck in highway traffic on the way to the airport by taking public transportation via the Chicago Transit Authority’s 24-hour Blue Line train service, or by taking the Metra. Ground transportation to and from the airport picks up and lets people off at the main entrance of individual terminals. How’s that for door-to-door service?

You may worry that attending Westwood college in Chicago near a noisy airport could prove distracting. You can dismiss your concerns. The Chicago Airport System has a Community Noise Resource Center devoted specifically to the creation of programs that protect citizens from airport-produced noise pollution. Airports in Chicago use noise abatement flight processes, such as choosing routes over scarcely populated areas, to reduce the noise of planes in nearby communities.