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Village of Woodridge Information

The Westwood College Chicago DuPage Campus is located in the village of Woodridge, in Cook County Illinois. The DuPage campus is just 25 miles from the city of Chicago, and is easily accessible due to its location at the I-355/I-55 junction. Woodridge is a great place for students to attend college in Illinois. It provides lots of open space to its residents, while it’s only a short train ride away from the excitement of Downtown Chicago.

Woodridge’s continual growth and success is owed to its ability to cater to a broad scope of lifestyles. Students, unmarried professionals, retirees, young families, and families whose children have grown up and left the nest alike can find their ideal housing given the assortment of affordable housing choices.

Residents and students of Westwood College Chicago can choose from a variety of suitable and appealing entertainment options, and access a number of other relevant resources. Depending on your interests, fun in Woodridge can mean anything from enjoying the beauty of the natural forest and park preserves, to golfing at one of the top four Illinois golf courses.

33,253 people from a diversity of cultural backgrounds inhabit the Village of Woodridge; most residents have the common denominator of being well educated - just as students of Westwood College Chicago will be. The majority of Woodridge’s residents are on the young side, although, as of late, a number of families in the area have become “empty nests,” just as other young couples were beginning to start their families. Woodridge relishes its small town, family-friendly community feel. The Village of Woodridge has a solid reputation for being a safe and pleasant place to raise a family. Woodridge provides quality services to its community, excellent schools, proven-effective community service programs, and highly responsive emergency services. Residents also partake in ice-skating at their choice of 3 indoor rinks, off-road biking, or exercising and sports playing at the Edwards Health and Fitness Center.

Woodridge is a great place to work too, since the economy is thriving. Once you graduate from Westwood College Chicago you will be able to contribute to the thriving economy. The village has put in a lot of successful effort to keep local business profitable and to expand them wherever possible, as well as to attract new business. The effect of this effort is a now sturdy industrial base and blooming retail industry. One of the largest business complexes in the Chicago area is currently under construction in Woodridge. Once completed, the complex will generate more jobs for Woodridge’s citizens, in addition to lowering tax rates and producing a bounty of goods and services.