School of Design: Graphic Design- Major in Animation

Degree Level: Bachelor’s

Bring your future to life with a degree from an animation college in Chicago. And with a graphic design: major in animation degree from Westwood College, a world of creative opportunity opens when you combine your artistic vision with specialized technical skills. In as little as three years you could be qualified for entry-level positions in the possible fields of animation, character development and video game design.

Students in Westwood’s graphic design: major in animation program enjoy having experienced faculty members guiding them through topics such as advanced digital effects, advanced character animation, digital editing for animation, and 3D simulation. Along with valuable technical expertise, the program is designed to teach the project management, teamwork and time-management skills that are required in the workplace.

Upon completion of a degree in graphic design: major in animation, you will be able to manage projects, demonstrate life drawing techniques, use audio and video in animation and apply the laws of physics to 2D and 3D characters.

Westwood offers the graphic design: major in animation at its Chicago Loop, DuPage, O’Hare Airport and River Oaks locations.

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