School of Technology: Game Software Development

Degree Level: Bachelor’s

Get in the game by attending a game software development college in Chicago. You can earn a bachelor’s degree in software development: major in game software development from the School of Technology at the Westwood College – O’Hare Airport Campus.

Take all the knowledge and opinions you have about gaming, combine them with hands-on technical training, and make your dream of playing video games for a living in three years come real. Westwood’s game software development program offers fascinating coursework, experienced faculty, and real-world training to prepare you for a career.

Courses in the game development program include artificial intelligence for games, advanced programming, 3D graphics programming and game development. Students in the program will upgrade their technical tools while learning important workplace skills, such as logic, teamwork, project planning and problem solving.

Upon completion of the program, you will be able to create, test, and debug an interactive software product. You will also have an organic understanding of the intensive software development process and be ready to assume a role within the cycle. Graduates will be trained for entry-level positions in possible fields such as 3D game design, 3D graphics programming or game development.

So if you’re thinking about attending a game software development college in Chicago, look no further than Westwood College. Fill out this form to get started today!

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